Martell Holt’s Mistress Arionne Curry Clowned After Dragging Him on Social Media

Arionne takes to her Instagram account to call out the ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ star, who is now dating Sheree Whitfield, by exposing alleged emails between the two.

AceShowbizMartell Holt‘s drama with his longtime mistress Arionne Curry is not slowing down. On Sunday, August 14, Arionne took to her Instagram account to call out the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star, who is now dating Sheree Whitfield, by exposing alleged emails between the two.

In one of the emails, Arianne could be seen calling him out for being a narcissist. “Still a narcissist manipulator trying to make this my fault,” so she told him. “I hope your 3 daughters never run into a man like you!” she added, before accusing him of “using” her despite her loyalty.

In another post, Arionne ranted, “And I’m Not Changing my son name to Maverick! Stop calling him that his name is Knox,” referring to Martell who calls their son Maverick. “He’s wayyyyyy different from the others you don’t want him every other week like you get the others.”

She went on to share some advice to fellow women, writing, “Ladies never have a baby by a married man, let me be your example!!!!! Someone had to be it.”

Instead of showing sympathy for her, Internet users were clowning her for not listening to people’s advice by having a relationship with Martell, who was still married to ex Melody Shari at the time. “We didn’t need an example,” a person commented on The Shade Room’s post of the drama. “GIRL WHO TOLD U TO PASS OUT ADVICE,” another user said.

One person added, “We already knew not to have a baby by a married man but okay sis.” Meanwhile, another one noted that “there was plenty of examples before you sweets.”

“I mean sis you said it yourself. Never have a baby by a married man duh of course he will be treated differently,” someone added. “I’m not feeling bad for you. How you get them is how you lose them!” another comment read with another person slamming her, “Some of us have morals and already know better we definitely didn’t need you as an example.”

Martell is now dating “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield. Back in July, a video surfaced of Sheree and Martell going on an outing. They were seen walking side-by-side, during which they appeared to be holding hands, before hopping into the same car.

According to TMZ, the lovebirds spent an hour on a trail in the suburbs of Smyrna, Georgia last Monday morning, July 25. Sources went on to claim that they’ve been seeing each other for a little over two months now. However, another repost suggested that they might be faking their romance for TV.

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