Martin Lewis says he was rejected by This Morning ‘for two years’

This Morning: Martin Lewis makes first appearance in 2003

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Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis, 50, has recalled how he was rejected by This Morning time after time, before he finally got the gig completely by fluke. However, once the businessman and finance expert appeared on the ITV show, he immediately established himself as a star, leaving presenters Phillip Schofield, 60, and Fern Britton, 65, looking gobsmacked.

Martin took to Twitter yesterday to share the story of how he got onto the show with his 2.1 million followers. 

“I can’t believe it was twenty years ago,” he wrote. “I was trying for two years to get on the show. 

“They kept saying money doesn’t work on TV,” he added.

“Only by the happenstance of the editor being late in and hearing me on the radio did I get this opportunity.”

The star retweeted an old clip that had been shared by This Morning on Twitter with the caption: “Go back in time with this throwback from @MartinSLewis’ first appearance on #ThisMorning, 20 years ago.” (sic) 

In the video, a much younger looking Phillip can be seen welcoming Martin onto the show for the very first time.

“Time to get rich now,” Phillip joked. “Martin Lewis is here with money saving tips.”

“I have terrific telephone bills,” one caller told Martin. “Can you tell me how I can save on those, please?”

A confident Martin immediately replied, “How terrific are they? How big are we talking here?”

“We’re talking about £227 in front of my at the moment,” she confirmed, to which Martin advised: “You could take your BT basic line and then use One.Tel, which for £4.99 gives you the same unmetered evening and weekends.

“So for just a fiver extra, all your evening and weekend calls are then free. Do you make any international calls?

“No,” she replied, as a stunned Fern Britton looked on and Phillip asked: “What happens if you do?”

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After Martin asked him to suggest a country and Phillip gave him Australia, Martin said: “Oh, Australia. That’s simple enough. BT is 39p to 49p a minute, standard rate. 

“If you use a teller discount, you get a local rate, so you just pay a local rate call to call Australia. 

“4p a minute daytimes, 2p a minute evenings, 1p a minute at the weekend to call Australia, the USA, France, Germany…” he told Phillip, who looked flabbergasted.  

“You’ve got to come back!” he told Martin, as the finance expert replied: “I hope so.”

Martin is celebrating 20 years on ITV, after becoming a regular fixture on shows like This Morning and Good Morning Britain. 

The expert has become beloved by listeners for being a source of knowledge when it comes to energy bills, savings and how to survive the cost of living crisis.

The star is considered one of the most influential voices in television, giving advice to people on their finances after selling his own company group in 2012 for approximately £87 million.

In October 2022, Martin was awarded the prize of top TV expert at the National Television Awards.

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