Mary Beth Peil heading to Kew Gardens film fest

Phone rings. “I’m Mary Beth Peil.” Tony nominee, Obie winner, now in “Anastasia” on Broadway, she says. “Reporters usually call me. Now I’m told to call you. No idea why.”

Overwhelmed by this warmth, I discovered she’s in Kew Gardens’ cinema festival. Next month, Queens Boulevard becomes the Croisette.

She said: “I don’t know Kew Gardens. My eyes would cross if I had to say where it was. I’m from Iowa.”

It’s Aug. 3 to 12, 110 films. Premiere’s in Forest Hills’ UA Midway Stadium 9. July 31’s pre-event is “A Midsummer Night’s Feast” at Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. With Yelp, Edible Queens and 30 vendors, for $15 guests may snack. It partners with Regal Entertainment.

This Long Island Cannes opens with “The Song of Sway Lake” starring Rory Culkin and Mary Beth Peil who says: “It’s a kind of old-fashioned European film. It’s family relations and takes place in a country estate. A feud between grandson and grandma. I’m the grandma. Like a Catherine Deneuve. In my early 70s. And this Russian kid in his 20s falls in love with me.”

So could or did maybe such a maybe thing ever happen to her in real life maybe?


Watching this alone could maybe be worth more than $15.

Pollock’s last talk

More grandmother stuff. Lawyer Orin Kurtz, who has tangled with Wells Fargo, had a grandmother in East Hampton. There was an event. Jackson Pollock called to say he’s en route. Under the influence, driving his Olds convertible, there was a collision. He’s killed. Orin’s grandmom was the last one to speak to Jackson Pollock.

Thick ‘n’ thin

To shed weight this summer so your last year’s hammock can still stretch over your this year’s buttock? Baby food. Aniston did it. Gwyneth tried it. Now Gaga’s goo-goo over Gerber’s pureed carrots. Annapolis’ US Naval Academy has another shtick so you don’t get thick. Leftovers aren’t allowed. At mess (everyone’s served in 20 minutes) the order is: “If you put food on your plate — you must eat it.”

Topping the tube

Hottest go-after names for TV shows this season were Rosario Dawson (in the CW’s “Jane the Virgin” and Netflix’s “Luke Cage,” and Damon Wayans (in Fox’s “Lethal Weapon”) . . . The new “Robin” book on Robin Williams reminds me he once said he’d never do an endorsement. “I just want to do movies and sell them. I won’t link up with any product” . . . And for a modern Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Donald loves being president.

Great pro golfer Gene Sarazen gave a club engraved with his name to a foursome pal, who then gave it to his kid. Now senior, she uses it as a walking stick.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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