Mary-Kate Olsen seeks emergency court order to divorce Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen is set to divorce her husband Pierre Olivier Sarkozy, but she is seeking an emergency court order as proceedings have hit a roadblock due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Mary-Kate’s attorneys reportedly received an email from Olivier’s legal representatives asking her to move her belongings out of their apartment in New York by 18 May, according to TMZ. 

Mary-Kate also reportedly claimed Pierre was trying to ‘force her out’ by terminating the lease without her knowledge, and has apparently asked for an extension until 30 May to remove her things but claims he hasn’t responded.

The documents, seen by TMZ, are said to state that she can’t meet the deadline due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic in New York and that the only way she can protect her property is by filing a divorce petition. 

Filing for divorce would automatically trigger a court order preventing him from disposing of her property. 

She reportedly filed for divorce on 17 April but was told that courts in the city, which was one of the most affected areas from the virus, were not accepting divorce filings due to the pandemic, except in the case of emergencies. 

Mary-Kate has allegedly requested the emergency order to allow her to file the divorce petition and to ensure their prenuptial agreement be enforced. 

The couple have been married since November 2015 in a private ceremony in Manhattan after dating since 2012. 

Olivier, who works as a banker, is the half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. 

The last time the couple were seen in public together was back in November, when they were spotted with Mary-Kate’s twin, Ashley Olsen and her partner Louis Eisner. has contacted the couple’s reps for comment. 

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