Mata hilariously trolls Phil Jones for what he did against West Ham

If Phil Jones was hoping that his comedy pratfall in Thursday night’s goalless draw at West Ham would soon be forgotten about then he didn’t reckon with his Manchester United teammate Juan Mata.

Defender Jones – a rich vein of Premier League hilarity – was sent flying when he tripped over the artificial turf on the side of the pitch at the London Stadium when under pressure from Marko Arnautovic, although not too much pressure in truth.

In typical Jones style his tumble in front of the technical area certainly wasn’t half-hearted, but thankfully he remained unhurt despite deciding not to throw out his arms and break his fall.

Well, he wasn’t hurt physically at least. We can’t speak for his pride.

Especially not after Mata uploaded footage of the incident to his Instagram Story, tagging Jones in it for good measure.

The defender – who is in good form – probably took it all in the light-hearted spirit in which it was intended, but still.

With teammates like that, who needs enemies eh?

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