Matt Lauer Promises Fans He’ll ‘Be Back On TV’ After Settling $20M Divorce With Ex – Report

Even though he was fired from NBC over many sexual misconduct allegations, Matt Lauer still wants to return to TV. He even reportedly told fans that he’s making a comeback!

Matt Lauer, 60, was recently spotted at Donohue’s Steak house, according to Page Six, when a “group of older ladies” came over to fawn over the disgraced newsman. ” ‘We miss you,’ ” the group said, a source told the publication. Lauer supposedly told the fans that he’s “been busy being a dad. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on TV.” He didn’t say when or where, but Page Six reported that Matt was seen taking lunch with a former Today show senior producer in June, spurring further rumors that he wants to stage a “comeback.”

For those who may have forgotten, Matt was fired from NBC in November 2017 over a litany of sexual misconduct accusations that include: making lewd sexual comments about coworkers; exposing his penis to a female colleague; giving a coworker a sex toy with explicit instructions on how he wanted to use it on her. Matt was also accused of sexually assaulting a former NBC employee in his office in 2001. (He owned up for acting “inappropriately” but denied any “coercive, aggressive or abusive” claims.)

In addition to these allegations, Matt has been accused of “regularly” cheating on his wife, Annette Roque, 51. Or, his soon to be “ex-wife.” The two have reportedly reached a divorce agreement, one that will see Annette walk away with $20 million. After reportedly hammering out the details of this massive deal, the two were seen for the first time in practically forever, as they attended the Hampton Classic on Aug. 26. Though they weren’t affectionate, they kept it “friendly” while taking in the horse show.

Does anyone really want Matt Lauer back on TV? Judging by the backlash that fellow sexual harasser Louis CK got for his “surprise” return to stand-up, many are not ready to forgive or forget what Matt, Louis, and others have done. These “redemption”/comeback stories are “typical of male entitlement, of men — particularly wealthy, powerful men — who say, ‘OK, I’ve suffered enough. That’s enough. I did what I did, and I’m really sorry, and I went for treatment, and now it’s time for me to do the work that I was doing,’ ” Elizabeth Velez, a professor of women’s and gender studiers at Georgetown University, told HuffPost. “It’s typical patriarchy at work.”

“A lot of the people who are saying, ‘When can these people come back?’ …they really haven’t thought through the damage, the damage to women who can’t do that work, the women who have been excluded,” Velez said, adding that instead of worrying about Louis and Matt, the focus should be on those men’s victims. “For them, there are ways in which [this sexual assault] stopped their careers, and we’re not talking about what do we do to get these women back in it.”

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