Matthew McConaughey keeps his cool during rainy premiere

Matthew McConaughey. The film’s “White Boy Rick.”

On-screen, his usual scene stealing. Off-screen, his usual scene stealing. Rain’s pouring. His arrival time’s 6:30. The screening time’s 7:30. He waded in — promptly — 7:30.

Damp fans from as far as Madagascar huddled for a look.

As did such high-class types as Ice-T, Adrien Brody and Cuba Gooding.

The true story of a good kid who goes bad is about charming 1980 Detroit’s drugs, guns, profanity, corruption, blue-collar life, crime, undercover guys, cops, rats, finks, killing, shooting, poverty, despair, survival, betrayal, schemers, hustlers, gangsters, crack dealers, injustice, prison. We’re not talking a musical.

Cinema Society’s afterparty served Wild Turkey Longbranch cocktails, whatever they are. Matthew has some relationship with them, whatever that means. For the film, these drinks were named “The Informant” and “Detroit Dream,” whatever those are.

Oscar winner McConaughey understands the routine. A pro, and gracious to all, he probably even posed with an usher.

I was already mildewed by then and no longer cared, so here’s his whole conversation: “I love this movie. It meant a lot to me. It’s about a bad guy — but I understand this. I know what it’s like. I’ve been a bad guy, but always a good parent. This story deals with a father who loved his kid who then fell through.

“This is because that’s what’s happened to the American Dream. Rules changed. Can’t climb the ladder so easily. We’re no longer an upstanding age. Everybody’s hustling. Stuff goes along that’s illegal. There’s circumstances. Maybe bad parenting. Maybe a guy didn’t toe the line. Our world is not the same as it was.”

Its producer, Darren Aronofsky, arrived in the downpour wearing dark glasses. Now, as we speak, he’s at a writer’s conference. Unreachable. And already prepping the “White Boy Rick” sequel. Title? Who knows. Maybe “White Adult Rick.”

Ex-pol got big-time book help

Former Utah congressman and current Fox TV commentator Jason Chaffetz’s book, “Deep State — How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama and Is Working to Destroy the Trump Agenda” — is just out. Enthused about pre-sales, HarperCollins already doubled its print run. There’s cover blurbs from senators and Don Jr. Big-time political writer/editor/pro Elaine Lafferty was involved in the heavy lifting.

Says Jason: “Writing a book was new. I was fortunate to have Elaine Lafferty guide me. It could not have happened without her skills and touch.”

He’s ‘Happy’

Coming at us: “Happy as Lazzaro.” A guileless young peasant living on the margins of his Italian village befriends a devious nobleman who maintains their alliance by traveling through time. It’s in Italian. Cocktails and canapés will be served for its showing at the Whitby Hotel, and Martin Scorsese will be there.

NY eyes on DC

Trump, Hillary, Cuomo, de Blasio, Bloomy, a cabdriver I had last week. Only New Yorkers are scratching for the Oval Office? We’re a big country. What’s with creatures from South Dakota? Hasn’t Idaho anything besides potatoes?

Soon comes someone devising an emoji of a New Yorker running for president. Surrounded by traffic. Forehead, eyes, eyebrows creased in a frown. Mouth open, and stuffed inside? A street hot dog.

About our judicial process and the latest female whose long-clouded retinas suddenly healed: “Could it be that after Kavanaugh was put forth as a nominee she decided to have LASIK?”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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