Maura Tierney Rushed To Hospital After Being Hit By A Car

The actress was biking in Marina Del Ray when she was clipped by a vehicle.

Maura Tierney is not having a good Monday.

Earlier today, TMZ shared that the actress was riding her bike in Marina del Rey, California, around noon when the car behind her clipped the back wheel of her bicycle, causing her to fly off and land hard on the pavement. One photo published by the news outlet shows Tierney sitting on the ground in the street, as a few bystanders come to her aid.

In that particular image, Tierney’s sunglasses are on the pavement and it appears that the force of the collision knocked the sunglasses off of her and onto the ground. In another image posted by the gossip site, The Affair actress is seen laying on the grass on her back with her sandals off, wearing only a pair of distressed jean shorts and a long-sleeved black shirt.

When EMTs arrived at the scene of the crash, Maura was complaining of back pain, so they put a neck brace on her as a precaution. Then she was taken to the ambulance by way of a stretcher. Currently, the actress is at a nearby hospital, although the extent of her injuries is unknown.

Luckily, the driver who hit Tierney stayed at the scene of the accident until authorities arrived. It is not suspected that the driver who hit her bike was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, and TMZ says that it was simply a bad accident.

Earlier this summer, Maura sat down with The Cut where she dished on the fourth season of her show, The Affair, which ended the season last Sunday. But aside from just talking about the hit Showtime show, Tierney also dished on a number of other topics including what she likes to do to unwind.

“I will have a glass of wine, for sure. Honestly, this is so cliché, but I find that if I exercise — I’m a runner, I like to run — if I do that in a regular fashion and Transcendental Meditation, that really works for me. That’s just like putting in money in the bank to be calm.”

And as the seasoned actress has appeared in a number of shows like ER, The Affair, The Good Wife, and Rescue Me, she was also asked what she usually looks for before signing on for a role.

“I have the luxury of having a little more freedom of choice. A script — usually you can just tell, I get a visceral response when it’s good. It’s not like “A, B, C, and D are met.” It’s nice when you just have a visceral response to a character,” she told the publication.

Best wishes to Maura for a speedy recovery.

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