McKenna Grace Goes Pop Rock For New Song ‘You Ruined Nirvana’ – Check It Out!

McKenna Grace has released her latest single “You Ruined Nirvana“!

The 15-year-old actress and singer has been diving into music and showing off another one of her talents.

In her new track, McKenna goes for a more mature, pop/rock sound, which references bands like Green Day, Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana, of course.

McKenna wrote the lyrics and collaborated with Cody Tarpleyy and Rachel Kanner.

“It’s about when you can’t listen to a certain song or artist without thinking of someone, or without being brought back to a certain memory,” she shared of the song. “I wrote it as a story about a girl and guy breaking up, but for me it’s just about messing up a favorite song.”

Check out the song and watch the video inside…

“With the video, I really wanted to make something that felt fun like a 90s/early 2000s music video,” McKenna added. “Like a music video that the bands who inspired the song would’ve made.”

If you missed them, check out McKenna‘s previous releases – “Haunted House” and “Do All My Friends Hate Me?”

ICYMI: It was recently announced that McKenna will star in a new limited series for Peacock!

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