Meet personal shopper, 17, buying for Pogba, Ozil and more – because of Fortnite

Not many 17-year-olds can say they received an SOS call from Paul Pogba to join him in Paris days after he won the World Cup.

But then again, young personal shopper Sam Morgan has a bit of a track record, after providing Mesut Ozil with the jacket he wore as he signed his new deal.

In-demand Sam has managed to expand clothing business with some of the world’s top footballers – and it all stems through networking game phenomenon Fortnite.

He’s been so successful that Pogba, Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette, Kevin De Bruyne, Benjamin Mendy and Tottenham Hotspur defender Kyle Walker-Peters all count as customers.

Pogba bought a variety of Gucci products from the youngster in the immediate aftermath of his French side beating Croatia in the World Cup final.

The Manchester United star had heard about the budding style icon through fellow international team-mate Mendy – and so Facetimed the student currently in the midst of his A-Levels.

Sam then had to travel to the French capital in order for Pogba to receive his purchases.

“Two days after the World Cup final, I got the Eurostar to Paris, we had multiple Gucci jackets, multiple vintage glasses," Sam told the BBC.

"So I got off the train, straight to the team hotel, because that is where everyone had stayed the night before, with the President.”

De Bruyne has also been impressed with what Sam had to offer in terms of his fashion line and ended up buying items himself.

The way the Manchester City midfielder was exposed to Morgan’s now-thriving business was rather unconventional to say the least. In the form of a rather popular video game.

“Playing Fortnite is crazy because it has got me so many clients unintentionally.

“For example, Kevin De Bruyne, I was playing Fortnite with Kevin and before I knew, it he was asking for a couple of bits and I was with him two days later.”

The online-game has been a perfect platform for networking a plethora of other top football stars as well, with its easy to access multi-player format.

“I’ve been playing with Harry Kane, Jordon Pickford, so many players become clients just because of Fortnite.”

The youngster has been unsure of where some of purchases are actually going to.

Morgan had to deal with Ozil’s PR group instead of the Arsenal player directly. Only knowing the purchase was legitimate after a social media post.

“I thought the only way we’ll know is if Mesut Ozil takes a picture and puts it on Instagram.

"The day Ozil signed for Arsenal, he was wearing the off-white piece that I sold to him which was one out of 30 made in the world, and that’s when I was buzzing.”

From making just £3-a-day while at school to introducing a pair of Gucci trainers to Tottenham youth team player Kyle Walker-Peters, Sam has managed to take advantage of the modern way of networking, building his clientele through word of mouth and a quality of service.

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