Meg Donnelly & Milo Manheim Promote ‘Zombies 3′ On ‘GMA,’ Share New Clip

Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim were up early on Wednesday morning (July 6) in New York City.

The Zombies 3 co-stars made a visit to Good Morning America to chat up their upcoming Disney+ musical.

On the morning show, Meg and Milo opened up about seeing their new billboard in LA, trying to hide from fans during filming, and who was more confident in dancing. They even shared a new clip from the movie!

Check out their GMA segment inside…

“One time we were outside, the trailers were in a parking lot, and there was all these fans, which was great, but they were like knocking on our doors and our trailers, because our trailers had our characters names on it,” Meg shared.

“The aliens weren’t announced yet and no one knew that there was aliens in the movie yet, so we were like all running around. We’re playing hide and seek,” she added.

“Literally, we were running around the trailers, it was crazy,” Milo said.

In the new clip that was shared, we see Addison throwing punches at Zed while aboard the Mothership (voiced by RuPaul).

“We’ve had to do this scene in every movie, where she punches me in the face,” Milo shared on GMA. “I can say, confidently on the second one, we got a nice connection to the lip one time.”

“Sorry about that,” Meg said, to which he replied, “That’s all good, it happens.”

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