Megan Fox Dons Lingerie & Fishnet Top On Instagram, Says ‘Empowerment Is Worth Flaunting’

Megan Fox shared a new photo on Instagram, and her fans are totally loving it. In the picture, she wore a fishnet top with long sleeves, and some lingerie bottoms along with a pair of heels. She struck a sexy pose as she arched her back, and the photo appears to have been taken from behind a steamy glass window. Megan captioned the picture, “Empowerment is worth flaunting,” and people let her know that she looked “fantastic,” “unreal,” and “gorgeous.”

The latest rumors about Fox include speculation over whether she’ll be joining the Star Trek franchise, according to Science Fiction. The rumors started when Megan posted an Instagram story with John Cho saying “#StarTrek.” The Star Trek Twitter handle then responded to a screenshot of the story with a “sly looking emoji.” Though nothing has been announced, these two events are enough to send fans reeling with hope that the actress will be injecting her flair into the franchise.

Fox also caused a stir around Halloween, first with a selfie of her vampire costume, and second with rare photos of her kids. The vampire selfie, however, caused some to wonder if she had gotten plastic surgery, detailed the Daily Mail. The speculation seemed to be based on Megan’s perfectly smooth skin.

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Pre-fight vampire glam. @monikablundermakeup @nickichestnut Thank you to everyone at the @ufc for being so accommodating, and to @wynnlasvegas for the fantastic service & the best wagyu steak I’ve had in a long time. Congratulations to Tony “dimples” Ferguson (that is his nickname, right? I know it’s something intimidating like that) on the win. I’ve never seen anyone get punched in the face in person before so…that was an intense initiation ???? (emoji also captures the general mood for everything else that followed Saturday night)

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However, it’s worth noting that her skin also looks flawless in her other recent selfies too. The other photo that had fans talking was of her and her three children dressed up for Halloween. Megan doesn’t usually share pictures of her kids, so that caught the attention of her fans.

The famous actress also spoke out with some harsh words against the acting industry last February, when she noted the following, described Elite Daily.

“As long as you survive filming and they’ve gotten what they need from you, they don’t really care if you drop dead afterwards. It doesn’t matter if you break an arm or you break a leg. There’s not a lot of concern about what’s right for individuals.”

As brutal as that sounds, Megan wanted to bring the realities of acting to people’s attention. Of course, these are things that many fans don’t realize about her profession, so it was probably important for her to speak out about it.

“You can get really sick, and as long as you are not bleeding from your face you are going to keep working and people don’t understand that. There’s no regard for your safety or your physical well-being at all because it doesn’t matter because you are a means to an end. So they need what they need from you, and then goodbye. You know, suck it up. Tough it up. And we’ll see you for the next one.”

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