Megan McKenna responds to claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ on The X Factor: Celebrity

The X Factor: Celebrity contestant Megan McKenna has responded to claims she has an “unfair advantage” over some of the other contestants on the show because of her previous experience within the music industry.

Reality star Megan, 27, who previously said The X Factor: Celebrity is her “biggest opportunity”, has had a passion for music for a long time and even quit The Only Way Is Essex to pursue singing, which led her to release her debut album Story Of Me in 2017, which charted at number 53 in the UK.

Megan has since insisted she “is the same as everybody else” in the competition, telling the and other journalists: “Obviously I sing, and I’ve been recording in the past but it’s never been on the scale of what this could be. This is for a major record label.”

She explained: “In the past I’ve had a very small independent label help me do an album and I’m so grateful for that but as anybody knows in the music industry, that is down there.

“I’m just the same as everybody else. This is my dream and I’m just hoping that this show can just be the start really as I want to do this full-time.”

Megan has even had an encounter with Simon Cowell in the past, as she competed in Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 as part of musical duo Harmony, who reached the semi finals of the ITV talent show.

Speaking about her previous brush with the 60 year old music mogul, she said: “I don’t know if he remembers me or not I was so young, I was 16, in a girl band, but I’ve grown up a lot.

“Obviously me coming on this show, showcasing me as a solo artist, it’s completely different.

Inside Megan McKenna’s stunning home as she competes for a record deal on The X Factor: Celebrity

“I feel like I’ve got a lot of pressure because I’ve been really trying to crack the music industry for a long time now and I think coming off of reality shows, people have a perception of me and it’s really difficult to be taken seriously.

“So I feel like coming on this show, people can see how much this means to me and they will take my music seriously. That’s why I wanted to do it.”

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This comes shortly after Megan opened up on why she had her lip fillers dissolved ahead of the ITV talent series.

Megan, who rose to fame on Ex On The Beach in 2016, told of how the headlines after a performance in Hyde Park in 2018 made her realise she needed to ditch the plump pout.

She explained to The Sun's Fabulous magazine: “Every headline the next day was about me and my big lips. I’d left my job on TOWIE to really smash this and so to have everything become about my lips was upsetting. I want people to be talking about my voice – I don’t want people looking at my lips.

“I think I realised I was never going to be taken seriously while I had fillers, so I decided they had to go. I had so much in there. I didn’t just have one lot of dissolvent, I had to have two!

“I thought no one was going to like me without them but after the second week, I saw myself and thought: ‘Hold on, I look all right.’ I think I’d lost sight of what a normal face looked like.”

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