Meghan Markle Nearly Trips In Stilettos & Flowy Dress Proving Again She’s Just Like Us — Watch

Meghan Markle is now a royal, but that doesn’t mean she’s nothing like us regular folk anymore. The Duchess of Sussex was spotted stumbling while arriving to a wedding. We’ve all been there!

Meghan Markle, 36, is the princess we don’t deserve, but definitely needed. We watched her evolve from a humble Deal Or No Deal girl to HRH status, making her the royal that we can most relate to. Even though she married her IRL Prince Charming, aka Prince Harry, she’s still just as normal as she ever was. If you need proof, look no further than a video that shows her arriving at Princess Diana‘s niece’s wedding on June 16. You can see the footage of her arrival on Daily Mail here.

After taking her husband’s hand to walk into the St. Andrew and St. Mary’s Church to watch Harry’s cousin Celia McCorquodale tie the knot with George Woodhouse, Meghan teetered in her stiletto heels and nearly tripped. Luckily, Harry was holding her hand firmly and was able to help her steady herself within seconds.

Hey, heels aren’t great for walking in! If you’ve never stumbled while walking in high heels, then either you’ve never worn high heels or you’re a liar. It kinda sucks that we don’t have some royal dude there to keep us from face planting on the ground when it happens though.

For the special ocassion, Meghan looked chic in a pale blue and white floral Oscar de la Renta dress. She matched the summery ensemble with a delicate headpiece. Of course, she wasn’t the only beauty at the ceremony. The bride, who is the daughter of Diana’s eldest sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, looked absolutely stunning in a white princess-style dress. She paired the gown with the Spencer tiara, which was worn by her late aunt on her own wedding day in 1981.

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