Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Met Fertility Doctor Months Before Wedding — Already Pregnant?

Are Prince Harry and bride to be Meghan Markle expecting a baby already? A new report claims that they’ve been seeing fertility specialists ahead of their wedding.

Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan Markle, 36, revealed after their engagement in Nov. of 2017 that they can’t wait to start a family once they wed. The pair is finally tying the knot on May 19 and a new report claims their first order of business after their marriage is having a baby. Radar Online claims that the couple has met with fertility doctors in the months leading up to their royal nuptials as they want to make sure Meghan — who turns 37 in August — is able to conceive right away. The site’s source says they’ve been meeting with “nutritionists and doctors who specialize in giving clients diet, exercise and lifestyle programs” that are designed around having the maximum chance of getting pregnant.

“Harry and Meghan want to get pregnant as quickly as possible after their wedding,” the source told Radar. “They both know that as Meghan gets older, it can get increasingly harder to conceive – and they are both keenly aware of her vulnerability to health complications and the chance of miscarriage the older she gets,” the insider adds.

Meghan is incredibly fit and healthy as fans saw on her lifestyle website The Tig, which had to shutter in 2017 once she got super serious with Harry. She’s a foodie who loves super nutritious meals and has a passion for cooking. Meghan revealed in a May 2016 interview that she even went vegan when her former show Suits was filming to stay in lithe shape for the camera. She has been regular yoga practitioner since her college days and runs to get her cardio on.

“Being in optimum health increases any woman’s chances of conceiving, and someone in Meghan’s shape should especially have no problem in that area,” Radar’s source continues, adding “The only issue is that she knows she is heading for the big 4-0, so knows the sooner she gets pregnant the better.” Harry has always made it clear he desperately wants to be a dad, telling ABC’s Robin Roberts in a 2017 interview that “I can’t wait for the day [to have children]. It will be fantastic. I adore kids. I enjoy everything they bring to the party.” He’s a doting uncle to brother Prince William‘s three young children and is a godfather to another half-dozen of his pals’ kids. Harry and Meghan are going to make such amazing parents to a little prince or princess!

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