Meghan Markle Has Reportedly Changed Her Dad’s Mind About Walking Her Down the Aisle

The drama surrounding Meghan Markle’s father Thomas and his attendance at Saturday’s royal wedding keeps getting messier.

First, there was the staged photo scandal, where it was revealed that Thomas Markle set up and was paid for those paparazzi photos of himself preparing for the royal wedding.

After the news broke, Markle himself told TMZ that he would no longer be attending the royal wedding (nor walking his daughter down the aisle, for that matter), because he didn’t want to further embarrass the bride or the royal family. 

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Now, apparently, Thomas has changed his mind. The reason? Well, his daughter asked him to. The future royal’s father told TMZ Tuesday that he now wants to go to the royal wedding after Meghan reached out. According to Thomas, Meghan tried calling him on Monday but he missed the call. Prince Harry’s fiancé then reportedly sent a text saying that she loved him, was concerned about his health, and “harbors no ill feelings toward him” about those staged photos.

So, with Meghan’s wishes, Thomas reportedly now wants to travel to England for his daughter’s wedding—but there’s a new complication that could stand in his way. The 73-year-old told TMZ that he had a heart attack last week, and was once again experiencing chest pains that have him back in the hospital. He’s hoping to get out of the hospital Wednesday to fly to England, but doesn’t know if doctors will release him in time.

“I hate the idea of missing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle,” he reportedly told TMZ. “I’d like to be a part of history.”

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As for his oldest daughter Samantha, who has made numerous media appearances since Meghan’s engagement was announced, Thomas said that she has no real relationship with Meghan and knows nothing about Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry, so that settles that.

Thomas also added, “I don’t think the queen is thinking about what I’m doing,” in regards to whether or not he’ll be attending the wedding. Considering the worldwide headlines that this story has landed, something tells us otherwise.

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