Meghan Markle Storms Out After Wild Fight With Harry (Report)

Back in May, the whole world tuned in to watch Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle in a lavish ceremony straight from the pages of a fairytale.

Unfortunately, in the months since, life for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hasn’t been all “happily ever after …”

Much of the tension over the past few months has had to do with Meghan’s family.

In case you’ve been blissfully unaware of their existence, the Markle clan is the absolute worst.

We’ve known this since long before the wedding, thanks to Samantha Markle’s efforts to destroy her sister for the crime of marrying a guy that makes her husband look like some lame-ass.

(For the record, most guys probably look like some lame-ass compared to Harry, but we’re sure whatever doofus could be duped into marrying Samantha Markle is especially lame.)

The Markles have really stepped their game up in the months since Harry and Meghan exchanged vows, beginning with Thomas Markle’s decision to skip the wedding by faking a heart attack.

Now, we’re sure it stings a bit to find out that your father faked a medical emergency just to wriggle out of watching you get married, but remarkably, it seems Meghan is still defending her family.

And it seems Harry is quickly becoming fed up with his new wife’s forgiving nature.

“After weeks of embarrassment over her family drama, she finally snapped and channeled her frustration into their first row,” a source close to the couple tells OK! magazine.

“Meghan crying about how trapped she feels by royal rules and Harry venting about how mortifying it’s been for him to deal with her family’s constant publicity-grubbing.”

And apparently, it’s not just Harry’s new in-laws who are causing trouble in royal paradise.

The insider claims that Meghan feels Harry is stumbling in his transition from bachelor to married man, a fact evidenced by his stubborn refusal to part ways with his man cave.

“In the early days, Meghan kept quiet about how much she hated the laddishness and tastelessness of it all,” says the source.

“Meghan hoped to get rid of Harry’s man cave and give their home a classy makeover”

The insider adds that what started out as a lighthearted debate has begun to take a toll on Harry:

“Harry is complaining about being a henpecked husband already,” the tipster.

Apparently, last week the tension became too much for Meghan to take and she decided to hop across the pond to spend a few days with her former Suits co-stars:

“She decided that flying to Toronto to see her old friends would be just the thing to clear her head,” the source claims.

“Meghan hopes that a few days apart from Harry will help simmer their tensions, but it seems like the honeymoon phase is over.”

We suppose in some ways, all marriages are alike — it’s just that if your royalty, you get to jet off to another continent when you’re upset.

Obviously, if there’s any truth to these reports, now would be the ideal time for Harry to begin dismantling his man cave — and pretending to like his in-laws.

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