Meghan Markle Turning To Kate Middleton For Hints On How To Get Pregnant, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Duchess Meghan wants to get pregnant as soon as possible, reports claims.

Meghan Markle wants to get pregnant as soon as possible, so she’s turning to an expert for some help.

Reports have indicated that Markle and Prince Harry are looking to start a family, and that the Duchess of Sussex has been talking to some family members asking for help. As Hollywood Life noted, that includes turning to Kate Middleton for her advice on how to get pregnant.

“Meghan has been getting baby making tips from all her friends with kids, including Duchess Kate,” an unnamed friend of Meghan told the celebrity news outlet. “Apparently Kate told her to drink more tea. That was her big piece of advice.”

That advice could be something of a mixed bag. As BabyCentre noted, the potential benefits of drinking tea when trying to get pregnant also comes with some risks.

“Drinking one cup or two cups of green tea a day is unlikely to do you any harm. But green tea does contain caffeine,” the report noted. “Take care not to drink too much, especially if you’re also drinking coffee and black tea. Although there is no clear link between caffeine and fertility problems, it’s a stimulant and if you regularly have too much, it can cause health problems.”

The report ultimately concluded that there is not enough research to make any definite conclusion about the effect that tea has on trying to get pregnant. Other friends have given Meghan Markle some advice as well, Hollywood Life noted, with pals in Toronto telling her to try yoga and a nightly meditation.

Whatever it may take, it seems clear that Meghan Markle wants to get pregnant very soon. A separate report from Hollywood Life claimed that she and Prince Harry are “trying non-stop” to get pregnant. The report cited a friend who said that Meghan even has an app on her phone that tracks fertility and helps figure out the most effective times to try.

Reports about their attempts to get pregnant are picking up in frequency across the celebrity news landscape, and British bookmakers are taking notice.

“The odds of Meghan and Harry sharing some good news soon have taken another plunge,” Alex Kostin of Bookmakers told the U.K.’s Mirror. “The latest betting definitely suggests there could be an announcement around the corner and when it comes, bookies should brace themselves for the biggest royal betting frenzy of all time.”

Meghan Markle has not discussed publicly any plans to get pregnant, so fans hoping to learn more about their baby plans will likely have to wait for an official announcement when she finally is expecting.

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