Meghan Markle’s Dad Begs for ‘Final Chance’ After Royals Cut Off His Phone Number

According to a so-called friend, Thomas Markle hopes that ‘either Meghan or Harry or a member of their staff’ reach out to him to arrange a private meeting.

It looks like Thomas Markle is more than ready to end his ongoing family feud with daughter Meghan Markle and her in-laws. Words are, the retired lighting director is begging for a “final chance” to make piece with Meghan and Prince Harry after the royals cut off his phone number.

According to a so-called friend, Thomas intends to apologize to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a rumored upcoming U.S. visit. “He intends to apologize to them both, face to face, for some ill-considered things he has said and done,” the friend shares. “Then, more than anything, he wants to hug his daughter and tell her how proud he is of her and how much he loves her.”

Now that he doesn’t have any way to contact the “Suits” alum, he allegedly hopes that someone will reach out to him. “He’s praying either Meghan or Harry or a member of their staff reach out to him to arrange a private meeting when they come to America,” the friend goes on saying. “He sees this as his last real chance of making amends and re-establishing contact with his daughter before the door closes forever.”

But will Meghan eventually forgive her father? According to royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, it is highly unlikely. “Some of what he’s said has been emotionally abusive,” she says. “It’s been threatening, it’s been cold and it’s been embarrassing and humiliating — sort of every negative connotation you can think of — he’s hit the nail on the head.”

“A lot of people are saying Meghan needs to just go over there and talk to him but I don’t think she can — how can she possibly trust him?” Victoria continues. “And the minute your trust is broken, then you’ve really got a big problem on your hands.”

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