Meghan Markle’s Dad ‘Hung Up’ on Prince Harry During Heated Phone Call About Photo Scandal

Meanwhile, Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland is said to be preparing to move to London next month.

Meghan Markle‘s dad Thomas Markle stays true to what he said, that he wouldn’t stop giving interviews about the Duchess of Sussex and the British royal family. The 74-year-old claimed in a new interview that he “hung up” on Prince Harry during a heated phone call about his staged paparazzi photos ahead of his daughter’s royal wedding.

Talking to The Mail on Sunday, Thomas revealed that the Duke of Sussex called him shortly before the May 19 wedding at Windor Castle. The prince confronted him about the staged photos, in which he was seen being fitted for a suit for the couple’s nuptials.

Harry asked him if he had cooperated with the photographer. The former TV lighting director, however, lied to Harry and denied it. He told Harry that he “was being measured for a hoodie.”

“Harry told me that I should never go to the press. That it would end in tears. He said, ‘They will eat you alive,’ ” Thomas said of one of his conversations with Harry. “He was right.”

When the news broke that he had, in fact, staged the photos, Harry allegedly called him again. During that time, Thomas was recovering from a heart attack. “If you had listened to me this would never have happened,” Harry reportedly said to Thomas, to which he responded, “Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad.” He added, “Then I hung up.”

While admitting that Harry was “absolutely right” to criticize him, Thomas continued sharing that he was “hurt” after Meghan told him that there would be “no room” for his speech at her wedding. He also claimed that he and the royal couple haven’t spoken for months.

Thomas concluded the interview, which he vowed would be the last one, by saying that he had no hard feelings for his daughter and his son-in-law. “I’m not mad at Harry. I’m not mad at Meghan. I love them. I wish them well. But as for the rest of it, f**k it. I’m done,” Thomas said.

Kensington Palace declined to respond to the report.

While it seems like Thomas is emotionally and physically going further from Meghan, it’s entirely different case for Doria Ragland. The mother of the Duchess is reportedly about to hop across the pond and move to London.

According to Daily Mail, Doria is set to be moving as soon as next month. “She is getting ready to move to London. I think she will be going as soon as possible. I know that she was eager to live closer to her daughter,” a source says. “She also fell in love with England and told me when she got back that it’s somewhere she believes she too could happily live.”

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