Meghan Markle’s Love Poem To Prince Harry Proves They Were Meant To Be & I’m Sobbing

I’m not done with the royal wedding. I’m just not done with it, yet. With each new day comes a variety of romantic details or behind-the-scenes info pulling us common-folk a little closer to the royal family. Today, fans learned that not only did Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, give a nontraditional speech directly to her wedding guests at the reception party, she reportedly also straight-up recited some poetry to her prince. Meghan Markle’s love poem to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, sounds like it really was the highlight of the most romantic evening, which also makes it the highlight of my life.

The truth is, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rebelled against tradition in more than a few ways. One example is how Meghan reportedly directly addressed the 200 exclusive guests Charles, Prince of Wales invited to his portion of the reception at the Frogmore House. While it’s somewhat common for a bride to say a few things at a wedding in the states, it’s still incredibly rare in the U.K. According to a lucky guest, Meghan was actually the first person to speak.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight it was a real "breach of tradition." She said,

Boy, did she. The public now knows part of her speech included a love poem to Prince Harry.

According to reports, Prince Harry also gave a speech (but it was objectively way less cool and special because technically it wasn’t a love poem to his wife, so WHATEVER.)

A source revealed to ET,

Reportedly, he kept referring to Meghan as "his wife" throughout the evening, which was regularly met with cheers and whooping.

Despite the truly exhausting amount of drama surrounding the lead-up to the big day, everything seems to have gone off without one hitch. Markle and Harry glowed across television screens worldwide on May 19th, and since then have made a few public appearances like it’s no big deal.

Whenever Meghan’s poem is released, I will surely tattoo it on my back.

Not tired of you guys now. Not tired of you guys, ever.

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