Has Meghan Markle’s wedding dress designer been revealed?

Meghan Markle could well have chosen close friend Stella McCartney to design her wedding dress, according to leading British bridal designer Caroline Castigliano.

When Meghan, 36, walks down the aisle at St George’s Chapel Saturday to marry Prince Harry, she will be in a gown by Stella, best known for her perfect tailoring, Castigliano tells Page Six.

And this will be teamed with a tiara from the collection of Diana, Princess of Wales, according to the designer.

Castigliano told us, “Stella is such a perfect fit for Meghan, she uses organic fabrics and her ethos is the same as Meghan. Her style is very underplayed, her dresses are very clean in style, very much Meghan — and they are friends.

“As soon as the engagement was announced I knew it would be a British brand, and I thought it would be Stella and people thought I was [crazy]!

“But even though Stella is not a traditional wedding designer, she’s a designer. She’s done a lot of evening gowns — and bridal just takes things on a bit further. I don’t believe that Stella will have any trouble making a magnificent gown for Meghan.”

As Page Six reported earlier this week, Stella has rapidly become one of the favorites to design Meghan’s gown – despite weeks of speculation that Ralph & Russo had won the job.

“I believe it will be a very straight, fitted dress, with a big nine-foot train that comes off the dress from the side to create the drama, and lace trickling down the top of it,” said Castigliano.

“Meghan will have had a lot of say in the dress and how she imagines herself as a bride.

“I’m sure it will be very different [from] Kate Middleton’s, although it will share some of the same aspects — sleeves, shoulders covered, no cleavage showing, and it’s highly likely that she’ll have her back covered too.

“But I think the fabric she uses will be miles away from Kate’s, I think she’ll want to make her own mark.”

Meghan will have had her gown approved by the Queen before the big day, which Castigliano said is “more of a tradition from the past.”

As for the much-anticipated tiara that Meghan will wear, Castigliano said: “Meghan has very petite features. To wear the Spencer tiara that Diana wore on her own wedding day you have to have bigger features.

“I see Meghan in a beautiful, soft delicate tiara from the Diana collection. Harry has always made it clear that he wants his mother to be part of the day.”

Castigliano hopes that former “Suits” actress Meghan will choose an American or Canadian designer for her reception gown in the evening.

She said: “That would be the perfect thing to do.”

“I do think Meghan is going to be iconic in this country, she’s going to lead fashion and really show off British brands, as well as American and Canadian.

“Just in these past nine months of dating Harry, her style has changed. Her dresses are slightly longer, just above her knee. We really see her style evolving.”

When it comes to Meghan versus her future sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, Castigliano said: “They’re very different. Kate’s style has completely changed, we’ve watched her grow up from dating William as a teenager to become a woman.

“Her style in now classic and absolutely appropriate for a future queen.”

However, both woman will follow in the footsteps of Diana, as Castigliano says: “Meghan and Kate use fashion to show their personality, Diana was brilliant at it. She got the message across and was an iconic clothes horse.”

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