Melania Trump Ignores Outcry Against Child Separations & Takes Tea With The Queen Of Spain

Melania Trump happily had tea with Queen Letizia of Spain in the red room of the White House on June 19 despite the current crisis surrounding immigrant children being taken away from their parents.

Melania Trump, 48, joined President Donald Trump, 72, when he met and welcomed the King and Queen of Spain to the White House on June 19 and she even joined Queen Letizia for some tea time in the red room, according to Daily Mail. The sit-down between the two ladies happened while Donald was privately meeting with King Felipe VI and they were both dressed to impress for the occasion. Although there’s been huge backlash about the recent crisis of immigrant children being separated from their parents due to Donald’s administration decisions, Melania looked calm and relaxed during the event.

It was the king’s sixth visit to the White House but it was his first time meeting with Donald. He was there to discuss Spain’s concern about the Trump Administration’s taxes on steel and aluminum as well as black olives. The King and Queen of Spain visited the commander-in-chief while ending a 5-day trip to the United States. They were expected to go onto Capitol Hill right after their time at the White House with Donald and Melania.

After expressing her devastation about the status of the immigrant children through her official spokesperson, Melania’s appearance with the Spanish rulers seems to be under a microscope. Many are wondering if she plans on taking any action to try and change Donald’s policy that’s causing heartbreak to so many families but as of right now, there’s no clear indication if something will be done. Many citizens around the country have expressed their sadness and anger about the policy that charges adults, including parents, who are illegally crossing the border with federal crimes.


It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Melania does from here on out. Expressing her stance on the immigrant parent-children situation was a big deal considering it’s the first time she’s ever publicly disagreed with one of Donald’s decisions, so her next actions will surely be paid attention to in a big way.

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