Mena Suvari Wants Bed Bath & Beyond To Say No To Down Products

Mena says down is procured in a violent manner.

Actor Mena Suvari is a vegan and does her best to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, but like many of us, she still enjoys a good day of shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But Suvari was dismayed at the large offering of down products sold at the retail giant.

PageSix is reporting that Mena sent a letter to the CEO of Bed, Bath & Beyond, Steven H. Temares, asking him to stop selling down bedding over concerns of animal cruelty.

Suvari decries the “violent treatment and environmental concerns” and wants Temares to reconsider the sale of goose and duck down.

“You can count me among the loyal Bed Bath & Beyond customers who flock to your store for design and decor inspiration. But today, I’m urging you to consider doing a little renovation and modernization of your own—and moving beyond cruelty—by removing down from your shelves entirely and offering only down-alternative bedding and fabrics.”

Mena continued to describe what she says is cruel and inhumane treatments of ducks and geese simply to take their down for home furnishings. PETA is also onboard in the fight against the sale of down products.

Mena Suvari adds that many of the birds stripped of their down are still alive under stressful conditions and will also be rendered for foie gras.

“Investigation after investigation has revealed that supply-house workers clamp live birds upside down between their knees and rip out handfuls of feathers as the geese and ducks struggle and squawk. Open wounds resulting from this barbaric plucking are hastily sewn up with needle and thread.”

Suvari plans to attend the Bed, Bath & Beyond annual meeting on Friday and question shareholders about the sale of down products. The actor is currently featured in an ad campaign that encourages people to stop using down pillows and blankets in their home. The anti-down campaign shows the 39-year-old surrounded by down feathers (some with blood on them).

Mena Suvari is currently starring in the new series by Kyle Richards of Real Housewives fame, American Woman which is a fictional adaption of the life of Richards’ mother in the ’70s.

Suvari plays the best friend of the main character (modeled after Kathy Richards and played by Alicia Silverstone). Kyle Richards explained that she created the show now because her mother’s story of being a single parent still resonates today.

“So much has changed, but nothing really changed at all. What my mom was going through is still prevalent today.”

The show is now running on the Paramount Network and will run for 12 episodes.

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