Why Michael B. Jordan initially passed on ‘Fahrenheit 451’

Michael B. Jordan initially turned down a role in his upcoming HBO movie “Fahrenheit 451.”

“I wasn’t interested in playing an authoritative figure … what’s going on in the world with police and my community,” Jordan, 31, shared with the Hollywood Reporter.

In the film, based on Ray Bradbury’s novel of the same name, Jordan plays Guy Montag, whose job is to burn books.

“Being a black man, I didn’t want to play somebody who’s an oppressor,” he added. “I just didn’t want that in my head.”

Jordan, who’s on a career high after the mega success of “Black Panther,” explained the director was able to change his mind after meeting.

“After sitting down with the director Ramin [Bahrani] and knowing Michael Shannon was going to be part of it – he’s an incredible actor – and understanding the vision and themes and messages he wanted to send through the movie, I was like, ‘Okay.’”

Another incentive to take the role? His character survives — unlike several of his past movies.

As Jordan previously explained, his mother gets very emotional seeing his characters pass away onscreen.

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