Michael Jackson’s Dad Allegedly Dying Just Days Before MJ’s Death Anniversary

In recent weeks Joe Jackson’s health has taken a turn for the worst, and he’s sadly in his final days according to his son Jermaine. Here’s everything we know about his condition.

Joe Jackson, 88, is not doing so well. The father of the Jackson patriarch is near death, according to The Daily Mail after suffering from an undisclosed terminal illness. But, during this difficult time his family has been kept out of the loop. In fact, his wife Katherine and daughter Rebbie Jackson have been prohibited from visiting him according to the outlet per request of Joe’s manager Charles Coupet. However, the family was granted permission to see Joe on June 19. “No one knew what was going on– we shouldn’t have to bed, plead, and argue to see our own father, especially at a time like this,” Jermaine Jackson explained to DM.

“We have been hurting. We were not being told where he was and couldn’t get the full picture. Even from the doctor. My Mother was worried sick,” Jermaine continued. Interestingly, Joe’s medical records were also allegedly withheld from his family. “He’s very very frail, he doesn’t have long. The family needs to be by his bedside– that’s our only intention in his final days,” Jermaine added. Making Joe’s condition even more heartbreaking, his health scare comes right around the time his son Michael’s death anniversary, which is on June 25, 2009.

While his illness remains unclear, Joe has had health issues in the past. Back in 2015, he was hospitalized after having a routine check up with his personal doctor. He reportedly became “weak” with “a high fever,” but medical professionals couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong with him. Nevertheless, we wish the Jackson family the best during this devastating time. We can’t possibly imagine how difficult this is.

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