Michael Owen reveals horror at killing rabbit – and why he has never had a cuppa

Michael Owen has never had a cuppa in his life – and he has only ever watched 10 films.

Those (including a ‘devastating’ time when he accidentally killed a rabbit) are some of several startling admissions the former England striker has made in a Twitter Q&A.

Owen, 38, retired from professional football in 2013 after an incredible career, playing for Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester United and Stoke.

Since he retired, he has become a TV pundit while retaining his love for the world of horse racing.

But in an interview with Joe , Owen revealed he has never had a cup of tea or coffee in his life – although he does know now how to make one.

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“I’ve never drunk a cup of tea in my life, or coffee for that matter,” he said.

“But, I’ve just learnt how to make one.”

Owen also recalled his horror at the time he ran over a rabbit five years ago – and how even today it is still one of the most retweeted posts on his social media timeline.

“I live out in the sticks, a little bit in the country and I’m just going down my drive, and a rabbit ran straight in front of me and went ‘crunch’ under my wheel,” he said.

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“And I genuinely was gutted. I don’t know why I just… five minutes later when I got in the house I put ‘just ran over a rabbit. Devastated.

“And even to this day, years and years on, it’s the most retweeted thing on my timeline. I love the way people remember it.”

Former Ballon d’Or winner Owen also claimed that he has only ever watched 10 films in his entire life – sitting through Jurassic Park twice.

His favourite? “Cool Runnings”.

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