Michael Strahan has fans in stitches following fake injury video

Good Morning America star Michael Strahan loves to joke around with his fans and co-stars and he recently showed how much he loves this with his latest video.

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The star shared a small clip of a photoshoot that he did where he pretended to kick a ball before jumping into the air and kicking his legs out. He looped the video a couple of times before he landed, and then faked a back injury, before bringing back his huge smile. “Almost injured myself,” he wrote on the video before laughing it off with the cameramen.

WATCH: Michael Strahan fakes back injury – and fans in stitches

But in his caption, he revealed that it may have been a little more serious than he let on, as he wrote: “Note to self… at 50 it hurts more! LOL #StillGotIt #MayHaveAlmostPulledSomething @michaelstrahanbrand @smacentertainment.”

Michael looked incredibly dapper in the clip, wearing a blue suit that he paired with a white T-shirt and matching sneakers.

His fans took the video in good humour, as one teased: “Watch out there now young fella,” and another jested: “Don’t let the old man in!

A third commented: “Might need an icebath or 2 after this?” and a fourth posted: “I know those pants split.”

Michael pretended that he had an injury

Although the star has a killer sense of humor and is at the height of his success, he recently emotionally confessed that this wasn’t always the case.

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Speaking on ESPN’s More Than an Athlete, he explained: “High school to me was surviving every day. I never felt like I had a handle on everything. I was just surviving.

The star is a much-loved part of the Good Morning America family

“My social life right there,” he said making a tiny gesture with his hand. “Or as the kids say, ‘loser’. Nothing happened in my social life. My life was school and I played football which was the real reason I was there.

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“And Westbury wasn’t exactly a powerhouse school. I was not necessarily an over-powerful dominant player.”

Michael said he remembers playing against students who were in the newspapers for getting scholarships but he was never that guy. “I always felt like I was playing catch up,” he said. “Catch up to those guys.”

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