Michelle Keegan tells Mark Wright he needs to decide on life in LA or UK

Over the past few weeks Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been road-testing the LA lifestyle as a married couple – making the most of living under the same roof while doing their own thing.


But as well as hitting the gym without her husband last week, Michelle partied with the girls on a Las Vegas hen do for brother-in-law Josh’s fiancée Hollie Kane. And Mark ensured he wasn’t left home alone by hitting the LA nightlife with Troublemaker singer pal Olly Murs, who jibed at the time that Mark’s ‘Missus’ had finally ‘let him out’!

Just days after reuniting in Los Angeles, Mark and Michelle looked tense and we’re told that, behind their united front, it’s crunch time for the couple who are still struggling to agree on where their home will be – in LA or England? Our source tells us, ‘Michelle’s feeling down. Despite spending more time with Mark she’s got new insecurities and being in LA isn’t helping. It’s even got to the point where Michelle’s told Mark she feels like he doesn’t need her anymore.’

Homebird Michelle, 30, has made no secret of her preference, admitting, ‘I do love LA… but I’m a northern girl…I miss my family. I miss Manchester… It’s just not me – I’m not an LA woman.’ And our insider tells us she wants Mark back in Essex for good. ‘After their lengthy time apart, Michelle’s ready to settle down with Mark in England so they can live together like a regular married couple.’ But despite Michelle’s apparent sudden change of heart over long-distance relationships, we’re told Mark, 31, isn’t booking a one-way ticket back just yet.

‘Now his own career in the US is taking off, he’s not ready to come home,’ says our insider. ‘He’d rather keep the relationship ticking over like it always has, with their careers being the only thing keeping them apart. It’s Mark’s time to shine and he’s ready to prove himself to the world.’ It’s understood that in the space of eight months, the Extra co-host has managed to earn twice as much as his wife. He’s also being dubbed the next James Bond, so there’s no wonder Mark is feeling good about himself and is keen to embrace LA.


Meanwhile, Michelle is said to be tiring of living apart. The source continues, ‘Michelle’s told Mark married couples are supposed to be together but he’s reminded her she was the one who chose to work away at the start of their marriage, filming Our Girl in South Africa.’

For his part, Mark has insisted that their marriage comes first, previously saying, ‘If Michelle didn’t like living here and she wanted me to move home, and she preferred life back home, then for sure I would… that comes first…’ But while Michelle is supportive and proud of his success, at the same time Now understands she wants him home sooner rather than later, with our insider adding, ‘Mark’s family are so proud of him, he’s raking in the money but this isn’t helping his marriage and friends fear they’re at breaking point unless one of them gives in.’

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