Michelle Obama Reveals Cover Of Her Highly Anticipated Memoir, ‘Becoming’

The memoir is described as one of the year’s most anticipated books.

Michelle Obama revealed the cover of her upcoming memoir Becoming in an Instagram post Thursday morning, giving a glimpse into what is expected to be one of this year’s most anticipated books.

“I’m thrilled to share with all of you the cover for BECOMING. The process of writing this book has been so personally meaningful and illuminating for me. As I prepare to share BECOMING this fall, I hope you’ll also think about your own story, and trust that it will help you become whoever you aspire to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.”

According to USA Today, the former First Lady’s memoir will take readers from her childhood in Chicago’s predominantly black South Side, through her pre-White House years as a lawyer and then a public-relations executive, and of course, her time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mrs. Obama’s book is one of two planned books to come from the Obamas. Both Michelle and her husband, Barack Obama, signed a $60 million book deal with publishing giant Penguin Random House. It is not clear, as of this writing, when Barack’s memoir will be published.

Meanwhile, according to People, Mrs. Obama selected the cover photo for her book herself, after sitting down with celebrity portrait photographer Miller Mobley for a photo shoot.

[email protected] during her Princeton days! Shoutout to all of the graduates???????????? pic.twitter.com/wHulJ9Vcu0

— TV One (@tvonetv) May 22, 2018

The former First Lady hasn’t given much in the way of what will be included in her book, other than the most basic of basic outlines. But she’s lately been filling Instagram with posts from her childhood and early life, perhaps suggesting that her book will contain plenty of old photos in addition to her narrative.

This is not Mrs. Obama’s first book, by the way: that honor goes to American Grown, a look at gardening and cooking via the lens of the White House gardens and kitchens. The book also focuses on her nutrition initiatives she undertook as First Lady.

Besides the two-book deal, the Obamas have been busy in other ways since leaving the White House. As CNN reported earlier this week, the pair also signed a deal with Netflix to produce as-yet-unspecified content for the streaming service. Little is known about what that content will be, but an anonymous source close to the deal says that, for some content, the Obamas will be behind the camera, working as producers, and for some content they’ll be in front of the cameras.

Becoming will hit bookstores on November 13.

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