Mick Jagger hopes to be back on stage this summer after heart surgery

Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger is to go under the knife within days to have a damaged heart valve replaced.

The 75-year-old singer is due to have the major surgery in New York.

The heart problem, revealed yesterday, was spotted after a routine scan ahead of the North American leg of the band’s No Filter tour.

Docs left him devastated by saying he urgently needed the surgery and could not travel.

The shows had to be postponed.

Dr James Rudd, a heart expert at Cambridge University, said: “Risks include getting an infection or a blood clot, although in a good hospital the doctors should take measures to stop that happening.

“There is a small risk of heart attack or stroke, but this is something between one in a hundred or one in a thousand. Symptoms can be breathlessness, pains in the chest or dizziness… there may have been no symptoms.”

He added: “The techniques they use these days are very good. I’ve referred patients in their 90s and even a 100-year-old for it.

“You can have open heart surgery and you will be discharged in around three days, or keyhole surgery which can see the patient out of hospital the next day.

“In someone who, even though he is 75, is still running around a lot, the risks will be pretty low.

“I would have thought it would take six to eight weeks to get back to his normal fitness.”

The exact nature of Sir Mick’s health problem was not known publicly until yesterday.

A pal said: “Jagger is in tip top shape and his camp see this as very much a formality. Afterwards, trust me, he will be raring to go.”

If any of the four heart valves are not working properly it can interfere with blood flow as well as force the heart to work harder to supply the necessary blood to the rest of the body.

It leaves sufferers at greater risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac death.

Surgeons can replace a malfunctioning valve with a mechanical one, or a valve made from cow, pig or human heart tissue.

The Mirror told yesterday how Sir Mick was so confident the procedure would be a success, he would take just six weeks to recover.

The friend added: “By the summer, everyone is expecting to see him back on stage.

“The fact his team are reorganising the dates shows they share his self-belief.

“You forget how fit he is. For most people in their 70s, the period of recuperation would be quite pro­longed, but he is on another planet when it comes to people in his age group.”

Despite being ordered to rest, Sir Mick is said to have told friends he “feels great”.

But a pal said: “He understands he needs to get himself sorted. His health needs to come first.

“Everyone is rallying around him – not least his family.

“The news was such a shock but they understand the op is quite routine and he will be in excellent hands.”

As he relaxed ahead of the surgery, Sir Mick was spotted on Sunday playing on a beach in Miami in the US state of Florida with ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, 31, two-year-old son Deveraux, and daughter Georgia May, 27.

Sir Mick’s team have pointed to his “meticulous” health regime as “compelling” evidence he will bounce back from the surgery.

He runs up to eight miles a day, cycles, and does yoga, kickboxing and ballet.

He eats a mainly organic diet of smoothies, wholegrain pasta, rice, beans, chicken and fish.

A pal said: “Being on tour is very strenuous… So it’s no surprise he tries to keep in the best shape possible. The irony is that often before any tour, he is in the best shape.

“That’s why he must feel so disappointed he had to postpone things.”

Around £200million had been spent on tickets for the nine-week stint in the US and Canada.

Sir Mick told fans: “I hate letting you down.”

And bandmate Keith Richards, 75, said it was a “big disappointment but things need to be taken care of”.

Dad-of-eight Sir Mick has spoken candidly in the past about his years of drink and drugs as a younger man before his health kick.

In 2012 he joked: “You start playing rock ’n’ roll so you can have sex and do drugs, but you end up doing drugs so you can still play rock ’n’ roll and have sex.”

As Sir Mick readied himself for his op, a source said: “All his bandmates are very worried about him but they have no doubt he’ll be back very soon and calling the shots as per normal.”

  • Sir Mick’s daughter Jade has prompted speculation the rocker has become a great-grandad for the second time. Jade, 47, posted a photo online appearing to show her 26-year-old daughter Assisi – who recently revealed she was expecting – holding a newborn.

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