'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Left Out of Reboot, But Hasn't Lost Hope

Shaun Weiss will not be minding the net in the upcoming ‘Mighty Ducks’ reboot … but he’s still hoping to reprise his role as Goldberg the goalie later on down the line.

Sources close to the OG ‘Mighty Ducks’ star tell TMZ … Disney never officially reached out to Shaun about including him in the TV series reboot, even though he heard some rumblings from other actors that director Steven Brill had plans to bring him back.

Ultimately, Shaun never got the call … and our sources say he doubted he’d be welcomed into the fold anyway, due to his criminal history.

As we’ve told you … Shaun has struggled with drug addiction and was dealing with a slew of life-threatening issues, living on the streets at one point and being arrested for meth and burglary — but he’s since cleaned up his act and recently celebrated 1 year of sobriety.

Shooting has already wrapped on the 10-episode TV series, and it was recently revealed most of the stars of the original ‘Mighty Ducks’ returned for a reunion episode.

We’re told Shaun is holding out hope Disney will eventually reach out if the show gets picked up for another season. Fact is, Shaun’s character was one of the most popular in the OG movies.

Our sources say Shaun got really emotional when he saw the trailer for the new ‘Mighty Ducks’ series. We’re told it gave him goosebumps and he thought it looked amazing.

Sounds like Shaun’s staying ready in case Disney calls … he’s gained all his weight back and looks like Goldberg again, and we’re told he’s been working on scripts.

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