Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s Prison Sentence Is Being Compared To Brock Turner’s On Twitter

Brock Turner had a shorter sentence for sexual assault then The Situation now has for tax evasion.

Fans of “The Situation,” and even those unfamiliar with him, are supporting the #FreeTheSituation trend on Twitter after Mike Sorrentino received his eight-month prison sentence yesterday for tax evasion. Many are upset with the justice system for giving Mike what they believe is an unfair sentence in comparison to other criminals.

One name that seems to keep coming up more and more in regards to Mike’s sentencing is that of Brock Turner. The former Stanford University student was indicted on five charges in 2015, two for rape, two for felony sexual assault, and one for attempted rape. Brock was eventually convicted of the felony sexual assault charges as well as the attempted rape charge. What could have been a 14-year sentence turned out to be only 6 months which outraged millions across the country. Mike’s 8-month sentence is being compared to Brock’s 6-month sentence in terms of justice on Twitter.

“You’re telling me Mike ‘The Situation’ is getting 8 months in jail for one count of tax evasion but Brock Turner was in jail for 3 months for raping an unconscious girl behind a garbage can. Are you serious,” one fan tweeted.

“Good afternoon, The Situation is now doing more time in jail than Brock Turner. That’s all,” another Twitter user shared.

The feed for the #FreeTheSiutation hashtag is flooded with mentions of Brock’s name, with many Twitter users linking articles about Mike’s sentencing yesterday. Brock ended up not even serving his 6-month sentence after it was cut in half. If Mike has to serve his full 8-month sentence, the outrage will likely heighten among fans of the Jersey Shore star.

Of course, Brock wasn’t the only man Mike was being compared to on Friday afternoon. There were plenty of mentions of Donald Trump on Twitter in the #FreeTheSituation trend.

“#FreeTheSituation There are bigger tax cheats we can zero in on…. A big fat orange one comes to mind,” one user tweeted.

“He gets 8 months in jail for tax evasion meanwhile the President gets possibly 8 years in the oval office for it.. This is what’s wrong with this country,” another added.

Naturally, Brett Kavanaugh came up several times in mentions as well.

“THE SITUATION IS IN JAIL AND BRETT KAVANAUGH WALKS THE STREETS JUST FINE. Mike runs into walls and only hurts himself and Brett Kavanaugh has inflicted trauma on MANY women,” a user shared.

Mike can be seen on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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