Miley Cyrus Failed Auditions, Movie, TV Tryouts, Casting Secrets

Basically, all of your favorite young actresses of the early ’00s auditioned to play the titular role on Hannah Montana. We’re talkin’ the likes of stars such as Taylor Momsen and Alyson Stoner! However, as we all know, it was Miley Cyrus who won out in the end.

BUT, that doesn’t mean that the 25-year-old “Malibu” singer snags every role she’s tried out for — far from it, actually. In fact, we found at least six parts that could’ve actually been portrayed by Miley Cyrus, but none of ’em worked out:

Lilly Truscott, Hannah Montana

Knowing how she is now, it’s hard to believe that Miley Cyrus wasn’t originally aiming for the spotlight when she tried out for Hannah Montana. “When I first auditioned for the show, they said I was too young, too small, kinda put me aside,” the actress explained. “And I wasn’t even auditioning for Hannah, I was auditioning for Lilly.”

She continued, “Even when they said no, I was like, ‘No, one more chance.’ And it turned into 20 more chances.” Thus, a star was born.

The role of Lilly Truscott was eventually filled by Emily Osment.

Beezus, Ramona and Beezus

Prior to the July 2010 release of Ramona and Beezus, Selena Gomez never had a leading role in a big-screen movie. Well, she can thank Miley for her foray into the theaters ’cause Sel’s fellow Disney Channel star was originally tapped for the role of Beezus.

Multiple reports suggested that the Hannah Montana actress had the chance to be a part of the film adaptation of Beverly Cleary‘s book, but negotiations fell apart because Miley reportedly wanted more money. A cool $5 million, to be more accurate.

Joey King confirmed the reports that Miley was rumored for the gig, telling J-14, “It was a rumor that Miley and Noah [Cyrus] were going to play Ramona and Beezus. So Miley wouldn’t have been my sister, and I wouldn’t have been Ramona.”

Batgirl, The Dark Knight Rises

We know that Batgirl never made an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises; Catwoman, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, turned out to be the leading female of the flick. However, in 2009, three years before the film’s release, there was speculation that Batgirl (a.k.a. Barbara Gordon) would be a part of the final film in Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy… and that Miley would be the one to potentially portray her!

According to British tabloid The Globe (via Cinema Blend), the singer “stunned” producers by actually showing up in a Batgirl costume, “hopping around the room and reciting dialogue she’d written for herself.” We’re not sure of the validity of all that, though.

Mavis, Hotel Transylvania

Believe it or not, Miley — NOT Selena Gomez — was the original talent announced to play Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, in the Hotel Transylvania franchise!

So, what happened? Well, in February 2012, three months after the OG announcement, Miley left the production to coordinate her musical comeback after her departure from Disney’s Hollywood Records. She went on to release her fourth studio album, Bangerz, the following year.

Bonnie Parker, Bonnie & Clyde

In September 2012, it was reported that Miley was in negotiations to play female lead Bonnie Parker in a Bonnie & Clyde miniseries on History & Lifetime. That would’ve been so cool! But, clearly, that wasn’t in the cards.

The following month, TVLine broke the news that MiCy was no longer in the running to play the infamous criminal. No word as to why.

Holliday Grainger ended up snagging the role.

Ultimate Choice Award Winner, Teen Choice Awards 2017

Although Miley still ended up receiving the Teen Choice Awards’ “highest honor,” the Ultimate Choice Award, at last year’s ceremony, she dropped out of accepting the prize at the actual event.

An hour before the broadcast began, the show’s official Twitter account posted, “@MileyCyrus is in the HOUSE!” However, 15 minutes after the program started, presenter Victoria Justice announced, “Unfortunately, at the last minute, Miley Cyrus couldn’t make it here tonight.” What gives?

Following her absence, Miley posted on Instagram, “To my dearest fans & all of those watching @teenchoicefox ! I want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for presenting me with #TheUltimateChoiceAward ! I am beyond bummed I couldn’t make it to the show as I had every intention of being there to accept and celebrate this honor! I created an unrealistic schedule for myself…”

To soften the blow, she followed up her statement by announcing her single, “Younger Now.”

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