Milner recalls two brilliant Balotelli stories highlighting Italian’s madness

Mario Balotelli has had many moments of madness – but two stick in James Milner’s memory.

Liverpool utility man Milner played alongside the Italian at Manchester City between 2010 and 2013.

Then in his early 20s, Balotelli became synonymous with eccentric behaviour and crazy stunts.

For Milner, two acts were particularly "stupid".

In an interview in FourFourTwo magazine , Milner, 32, says Balotelli was an "interesting character".

Recalling one incident, he said: "I was there for the Darts incident. At Carrington there was a leisure area upstairs with a dartboard and a window overlooking the gym, and as people were walking past the gym down below, he was firing darts at them! That’s up there with the most stupid things he did."

Astonishingly, though, Milner says that wasn’t his worst decision.

He added: "The most stupid was probably upsetting Micah Richards in training. Micah wanted to rip his head off! Michah’s a pretty strong man, and if he loses it, you need to be somewhere else.

"He was striding towards Mario and and I dived in front of Micah to stop him and then hold him for long enough for a few other lads to jump in."

Balotelli left City for Liverpool in 2014, after a spell on loan at AC Milan. He joined the Serie A side permanently in 2015.

Now 28, he’s been at Nice in France since 2016.

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