Mindy Kaling & Emma Thompson Promote ‘Late Night’ in London!

Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson are a dynamic duo!

The 39- and 60-year-old actresses stepped out for a photo call to promote their new movie, Late Night, in London on Friday (May 17).

Mindy opened up about the progressive world of the comedy, which focuses on a female late night host (played by Emma).

“It would be nice to see more diversity and more inclusivity in all film genres,” she told THR. “What I love about Late Night is that it shows with just complete confidence that everyone in the world accepts the fact that we have a late-night talk show host who is a 60-year-old woman, who’s had it for 30 years. And everyone in the movie just buys it, and Emma plays it so confidently that it seems normal. So that would be a nice takeaway.”

Late Night opens in theaters on June 7.

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