Miranda Lambert Once Addressed Previously Saying 'Divorce Is Not an Option' With Blake Shelton

There are many married couples who have said divorce isn’t an option for them. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were one of them. But after their divorce, Lambert addressed previously saying that after their divorce.

Miranda Lambert said divorce wasn’t an option with Blake Shelton

Lambert and Shelton got married in 2011. The singers talked about their strong connection, but also the hardships of keeping that while working.

“You know, it’s not easy all the time being on opposite sides of the country and, you know, traveling and all that,” Lambert said in 2013, according to Country Weekly. “But when you get to celebrate moments like this together and when you go through the hard stuff together, those are the moments that actually count. All the rest is fluff.”

She then talked about wanting to model their relationship after her parents’ marriage. “Like I always say, my mom said to my dad, ‘Divorce is not an option.’ So, we really love each other and have a real marriage outside of all of this,” the singer added.

Sadly, the couple did later divorce in 2015. “We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter,” the former couple said in a statement, according to E! News.

Lambert reflected on her belief of divorce after their breakup

Things certainly change with time. Lambert talked about her thoughts on divorce not being an option after their divorce in 2015 with Cosmopolitan.

“You go into things and give it everything you have,” Lambert explained. “I was taught that, and I did that. And I will do that with everything in my life.”

She continued, “I’ve made those proclamations like ‘Divorce is not an option!’ You just say things and you hope that you’re right, but it’s fine if you’re not.”

The singer also said that her views on marriage changed. “If I ever were to get married again—which is completely not on my radar at all right now— I feel like it’s not about it being a step in life,” she said. “It’s not about a piece of paper or a diamond. It’s the way you feel about somebody and the commitment in your heart.”

She fell quickly for Brendan McLoughlin

She did find love again with retired NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin. Lambert was asked how she fell in love so quickly and knew it was right by Health.

“I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want,” she answered. “So when I know what I do want, I snatch it right up.”

McLoughlin and Lambert got married in 2019. She was asked if it was love at first sight. “I guess so,” she said. “If that’s a thing. I have eight dogs. Had love at first sight with them, too. Must be way easier than I thought.”

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