Mocking Prince Harry and ‘chauffeur’ Jeremy Clarkson helped save Michael McIntyre’s career

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel: David Dickinson puzzled by answer

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Michael McIntyre is a much-loved comedian known for his appearances in shows like The Wheel and his Big Show. However, the star has admitted he got his big break after he made fun of Prince Harry and Jeremy Clarkson on Have I Got News For You.

When Michael was an up-and-coming comedian, he made an appearance on the BBC show.

The star admitted the series was a key moment for him in becoming a more widely known name.

That was all down to a bit he composed making fun of Jeremy Clarkson and Prince Harry.

During the week he was on, Jeremy was hosting the weekly show.

Michael admitted rehearsing a joke where he mocked The Grand Tour host for playing tennis with the royal.

In his new book, which is being serialised by the Daily Mail, he recalled the moment.

He explained: “I concocted a whole little routine about it, impersonating Clarkson arranging the matches in his trademark way, describing his shot-making like he describes cars, ‘If that serve was a woman’.

“And an impersonation of the Queen reacting to the news that her grandson was playing tennis with Clarkson, ‘What, that bloody chauffeur?’”

The piece, which aired on the show back in 2007, was a hit with viewers.

Michael continued: “If Jeremy Clarkson hadn’t played tennis with Prince Harry maybe I would have dropped back on to the comedy circuit.

“Back driving around the country in my fluff-covered suit, the days of wardrobe ladies rolling sticky de-fluffers over me never to return again.

“But I was still in the game. Just.”

Fans may recall the comedian mocking Jeremy after he played tennis with Prince Harry back in 2007.

The pair were pictured in Barbados hitting a ball around when they were on holiday.

Michael was speaking in his new memoir A Funny Life, which is out on October 14.

This follows on from where his last one ended with his big break at the 2006 Royal Variety Performance.

The synopsis reads: “Waking up the next morning in the tiny rented flat he shared with his wife Kitty and their one-year-old son, he was beyond excited about the new glamorous world of show business.

“Unfortunately, he was also clueless . . .

“In A Funny Life, Michael honestly and hilariously shares the highs and the lows of his rise to the top and desperate attempts to stay there.”

A Funny Life by Michael McIntyre is published by Macmillan, £20.

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