MSNBC’s Katy Tur reveals she’s pregnant during broadcast

NBC News host Katy Tur has revealed live on air she’s expecting a baby boy.

The 35-year-old thrilled viewers on “MSNBC Live” when she announced Thursday that she’s pregnant with her first child, saying” “I have a baby in my belly. Officially.”

Showing off a sonogram of the baby, Tur added: “I am tired of the tweets asking. So, I am going to announce it, that is my little guy. He is due in April. Well, now I am going to cry. Kasie, taking it away before I start crying.”

Her co-host Kasie Hunt added: “I am going to cry too! Can I be honorary Aunt Kasie? I am so excited for you.”

Tur replied, “Yes, you can.”

The anchor married Tony Dokoupil, a correspondent for CBS News, in October 2017 in Utah, exclusively reported by Page Six.

The couple – who met in the makeup room at MSNBC when Dokoupil worked at the network – planned to wed at dusk in a nondenominational ceremony in the middle of the desert.

A friend told us: “They deliberately picked a place where there will be no cell service and no one around them talking about politics.

“No setup, no altar, just in front of rocks.

“Katy said it would be ‘just us and the earth.’”

The couple even wrote their own vows, and both parents gave their blessing.

Dokoupil’s already the dad of two children from his first marriage.

“We are all so excited for you and Tony, and your two already wonderful children and to your whole family,” Hunt added at the end of the announcement.

“We are all pretty thrilled,” Tur said.

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