Mt. Zion Shooting: 1 Woman Dead, More Shot Near High School After Graduation

It happened again. A second shooting occurred on Friday night following the tragedy in Santa Fe. Here’s all the details on this developing story…

Multiple people were shot following a graduation ceremony in Clayton County, Georgia, according to ABC Action News. The shooting reportedly took place in a parking lot of Mt. Zion High School after the graduation ceremony for Perry Learning Center’s students at Clayton County Performing Arts Center nearby. Law enforcement officials says an argument broke out, leading to 2 individuals getting shot, including a woman who ultimately died of her wounds. The other victim one, who is reportedly 21 years old, was shot in the leg. It’s also been reported that a pregnant woman was trampled amid the chaos but is expected to be alright.

The 2 reported victims from the shooting have been taken to separate hospitals. One was taken to Atlanta Medical Center while the other was taken to Piedmont Henry Hospital. The woman who was shot was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to WFLA. She was reportedly in her 40s. Officials say she was shot in the chest multiple times.

“One woman dead, another shot, pregnant woman trampled in a parking lot of Mount Zion High School, across the street from a graduation ceremony,” Jaclyn Schultz of Fox 5 in Atlanta tweeted.

“It was at the conclusion of the graduation itself and we had parties who were leaving and they came over to the overflow parking lot, which is here at Mt. Zion High School,” a rep for the police department shared. “Again, it was reported that an argument broke out, which led to 2 individuals being shot.” However, he refused to provide any details on the identity of the shooter or if they’re in custody at the moment.

Stay tuned for more details on this developing story…

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