My Boyfriend Chris Pine Went Shirtless in Italy, and I Know My Ticket Is Around Here Somewhere

Picture it: here I was, just minding my own business, when I got word that my boyfriend Chris Pine (the actor? You’ve probably heard of him) was walking around without a shirt while vacationing in Italy. It doesn’t really matter who he was vacationing with, but if you must know, he was joined by a pretty actress named Annabelle Wallis, who many people have tried to tell me is the person he’s actually dating — but I’m not totally convinced. Anyway, the Wonder Woman star and all-around snack plate was spotted relaxing in swim trunks and a gold necklace on a yacht in Capri this week, but he didn’t just give you a glimpse of his abs, or his arms, or his toned back muscles. No, he also gave you a lewk.

Chris, my sartorial king, a man not afraid to wear overalls to the airport, rocked a linen caftan and straw hat combo so well, it’s like he’s been studying photos of Elizabeth Taylor in the ’70s. AND THE LOAFERS? I can’t handle the hotness and attention to detail! Keep reading to see the one and only love of my life Chris Pine in all his Italian getaway glory.

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