Nadia Essex gives her lowdown Jay Z cheating on Beyonce

Our favourite love guru Nadia Essex is back this week to tell us EXACTLY how she feels about cheating and of course, answer all of your dating questions.

This week, I want to talk about Beyoncé addressing Jay Z’s cheating and her choosing to forgive him.

Getting over cheating is a very personal choice. Beyoncé and Jay Z seem to spend a lot of time working on themselves, their mental health and growing as human beings, so in their case, I’m not surprised they wanted to work it out.

But, in reality, the chances of you moving on and not bringing your partner’s infidelity up during every argument about washing the dishes is slim to none. Hats off to Beyoncé, because I couldn’t do it.

Dear Nadia,

I suffer from really bad PMS and my boyfriend isn’t very understanding. I don’t want to argue but I want him to be more supportive – am I being unfair?

N: You’re definitely not being unfair for wanting support, but I’m a big believer in having ‘me time’ during hormonal moments. Take some time to yourself, put Bridget Jones on and eat some chocolate. Just make sure you communicate to your boyfriend why you need that alone time and that it’s nothing personal towards him.


Dear Nadia,

I’ve bought a cock ring as a surprise for my partner to spice things up. How do I broach the subject without him feeling that he’s not doing a good enough job?

N: It’s difficult because it’s always hard not to bruise a man’s ego, so it’s important you make him understand that it’s all part of foreplay. I’d be brave and just whack it out – he’ll soon realise that it’s as much a gift for him as it is a gift for you.

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Dear Nadia,

I’ve never cheated on my hubby of 10 years, but I fancy a new guy at work. I worry it’s because I’m bored and he’s giving me attention. I don’t want to destroy my marriage!

N: This is 100% lust, not love. You’re bored, so tell your man that you want to rekindle the spark. Think of three things each that will help turn up the heat – then do them!

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