Nadia Essex gives her lowdown on Prince Harry’s ex attending his wedding

Nadia Essex is back and ready to answer all of your love dilemmas, including whether or not you should go to an ex’s wedding like Prince Harry‘s former girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Hi, darlings! This week I want to talk about Mark Wright admitting he ‘checked in’ with wife Michelle Keegan during his brother’s stag do. 
I would imagine you’d want to speak to your other half when you’re away; therefore ‘checking in’ is perfectly normal. As long as there’s no pressure and you are ‘checking in’ rather than ‘checking up’ on your partner, then it’s fine!

Dear Nadia,

I’ve been in a relationship for eight months and we’ve always been pretty loved- up. Over the past couple of months, my boyfriend’s become really controlling and jealous – picking fights with me over what I wear and constantly asking where I’m going and who with. What’s your advice?

N: I hate to say this, but this sort of sudden insecurity is usually an indication that he’s cheating. It sounds to me like he’s got a guilty conscience. I’d tell him you find his behaviour unacceptable and, if he doesn’t change, dump him – because this is an abusive relationship.


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Dear Nadia,

I’ve been invited to my ex’s wedding – should I go?

N: Yes! Why not? Listen, if Chelsy Davy can go to the royal wedding, then any of us can do it! As long as there are definitely no feelings still there – on either side – and your current partner is completely comfortable with the situation, then you go!

Dear Nadia,

I have a much higher sex drive than my partner and it’s driving a wedge between us. I take it personally every time he rejects me – how do we overcome this?

N: You’re going to have to find a way of not letting it hurt you. If you’re having regular sex and what you’re asking is too much, he has every right to say no. Also, he might find the way you instigate sex a turn off, if you say you ‘need’, rather than ‘want’. Try altering the way you talk about it.

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