Nelly Shuts Down Claims Suggesting He Rewards $100 to a Woman Who Returns His Bag With $300K

The woman allegedly finds the ‘Just a Dream’ hitmaker’s duffle bag containing $300,000 while she hangs out with her male friends at Midtown Bowl in Atlanta.

AceShowbizNelly refused to be bullied by online users over false stories about him. After a woman claimed she was rewarded $100 by him for returning his bag with $300,000 in it, the “Just a Dream” hitmaker took to social media to shut down the allegations.

It started after The Neighborhood Talk shared a video of the woman being clowned by his pals. Along with the clip, there’s a note that read, “We was at Midtown Bowl and she found Nelly Dufflebag with 100k-300k in it and she gave it back and dey gave her $100.. SMH DONKEY OF THE DAY..”

Many have since reacted to the clip. One in particular was reality star Natalie Nunn who said, “No way no he didnt give her just $100 NO WAYYYYYYY.” Actress Masika Kalysha penned, “Nah the way God gone bless her is way more than Nelly could. Where she at? I wanna hire her.” Mehgan James chimed in, “That’s so tacky.”

Some Instagram users also rushed to the comment section and trolled Nelly. “I would have left him $100,” one user joked. Another argued, “$100 is so damn disrespectful.” A third asked, “Only $100?? Could’ve given her a stack at least.”

Others, on the other hand, showed support for the woman. “She’s going to be blessed. Even though finding that money would have changed her life she chose to do the right thing and for that she will always be blessed! I woulda did the same thing,” one commented, while another added, “God gonna flip that 100 for you sis I don’t know when but he will lol.”

The post eventually caught the attention of the 47-year-old musician. “Cap [cap emoji]… SUUUUUUPPPPPEEERRRRR CAAPPP …!!” the singer/rapper fumed. “I didn’t lose s**t idk what bag or who’s [sic] bag they talkin about but it dam show [sic] wasn’t mine.”

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