Netflix’s ‘Ta-Dum’ Intro Almost Included This Animal Sound

When you start to watch a program on Netflix, you get to hear that familiar “ta-dum” sound just before your program plays – but did you know that it almost included the sound of a goat bleating?

In the recent episode of the “Twenty Thousand Hertz” podcast, Tod Yellin, the streamer’s VP of product, opened up about why it was first included and why it’s not there now.

With the ta-dum sound, Tod shared that he wanted viewers to get the feeling of “‘Wow, I’m going to get a treat, I’m about to get an amazing story, that’s relevant to me, that’s — most importantly — cinematic in my home.’”

So, where and how did the goat bleating come in?

Sound editor Lon Bender was tapped to head the sound, and there were a few different options – including one of the final ones being that of a goat bleating.

“If we were going to do that call-and-response, that creating tension and then resolving it really quickly, I liked the sound of the goat,” Tod shared. “It’s funny, I thought it was quirky. It was our version of (MGM’s) Leo the Lion. For a while we were stuck on it.”

If you’re wondering, below is the sound of a goat bleating:

And here is the final Netflix sound:

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