Nicki Minaj Bursts Into Tears On Queen Radio Over Kylie Jenner Feud & Her Fans

Nicki Minaj got emotional during the latest episode of Queen Radio and the New York rapper revealed that she has zero beef with Kylie Jenner despite her Travis Scott feud.

Nicki Minaj, 35, wants to make something very clear. The New York rapper may be furious with Travis Scott for snagging the No. 1 album spot for Astroworld but she is not mad at Kylie Jenner for promoting the hip-hop star’s work. Nicki made her feelings known during the Aug. 23 episode of Queen Radio. The rapper was addressing the video footage of 21-year-old Kylie trying to dodge her on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. The incident took place on Aug. 20, but TMZ released the video two days later. Now it seems that Kylie need not have feared any awkwardness because Nicki’s not even mad at her.

“I f**king love Kylie and that’s not going to change…” the rapper said, according to Complex. “This is not real life, this is entertainment. I love Kylie and so do my fans.” Then, referring to Kylie’s big sis Kim Kardashian, she said, “Kim was on my first episode of Queen Radio – f**king love her.”

So what’s really going on? If she’s not angry with Kylie for promoting Travis’ work, what is she mad about? Nicki said, “We’re not going to make something that it’s not. We’re not going to start any dumba** catfights for your entertainment. This is strictly music, between musicians… She supported her man like she should. Me and my fans are not feeding into this,” she added.

Speaking of her fans, Nicki also got a little emotional during the show and her devotees couldn’t stop tweeting about her breaking into tears. In fact, many of them cried right along with her. One person tweeted, “Nicki We Love You sooo much don’t even forget that.” After adding heart and crying emojis, the fan wrote, “I cry when she cries so touching.” Another loyal follower tweeted, “Aw Nicki when she cries. We feel you and always here for you through thick and thin.” Yet another person tweeted, “Man, why she has [sic] to be crying, I’m no G when she cries. I love you.” As we can see Nicki’s fans are ride or die and many seem to be right in her corner.

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