Nicki Minaj Is Show-Stopping In BTS’ Alternate Version Of Their ‘IDOL’ Music Video

Slayyy! Nicki Minaj is a ‘Queen’ for real in the latest music video from K-Pop superstars BTS. Watch the dynamic new video here!

Fans went wild when Nicki Minaj, 35, released a collaboration with K-Pop group BTS in August, and now, the track has a music video to match. Nicki and the septet delivered the official video for “IDOL” on Sept. 6, and the colorful clip is a dream come true for fans of both artists! The trippy video is full of vibrant animations and slick dance moves from the K-Pop superstars, then Nicki brings her A-Game in a 30 second verse! BTS released an initial video for the track on August 24, but with Nicki in the latest version, fans of the “Chun-Li” rapper are freaking out.

Per usual, Nicki looks like a total queen in the video! When we first see the rapper in the appear, she is rocking a neon yellow wig, while taking selfies with a glitter-covered iPhone. The scene is chock full of eye-catching scenery, including a unicorn statue, paisley pink pillows, feathered fans, and animal print chairs. It’s a lot to take in! Nicki takes center stage though, as she lounges on the couch and pouts her bright pink lips. The patterned jumpsuit Nicki is rocking takes some serious courage to pull off, but she does it effortlessly!

Members of both the BTS Army and the Barbs were over the moon with the video news! “if someone told me 3 years ago that bts and nicki minaj would one day be in the same music video i wouldn’t believe it for my little pre-usa-fame bts stan life,” one fan excitedly said. “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MASTERPIECE!” another gratefully said in a tweet. Fans cannot get enough of this collaboration!

The video is a full-on dance party, and the choreography might be some of the best we’ve seen from BTS yet!  Be sure to watch the full video for the track above!

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