Nicki Minaj Shrugs Off VMA Drama With Travis Scott & Cardi B As Halle Berry Praises Her Performance

After Nicki Minaj’s sizzling performance at the 2018 VMAS, Halle Berry showed the rapper some MAJOR Twitter love! See the tweet that has Nicki forgetting all about night’s petty drama.

Nicki Minaj, 35, ain’t worried about no one, after delivering a show-stopping performance at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. Despite having beef with multiple VMA attendees at the August 20 award show, Nicki was 100% focused on her sizzling performance! Even after a public jab from Cardi B, 25, and a tricky ploy from Kylie Jenner, 21, to knock her off the charts, Nicki rose above the drama like the queen she is. Then, Nicki’s status as rap royalty was only further solidified, with a tweet from none other than actress Halle Berry, 52. Real recognizes real, and judging from her Tweet, Halle is team Nicki all the way!

Halle showed love to Nicki when she retweeted a post from MTV. “Sooooo @NICKIMINAJ came to slay the #VMAs…AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID,” the tweet said. Halle obvi agreed and posted the prayer hands emoji when retweeting the post on her own page. This co-sign from Halle totally had Nicki fan-girling! “If Queen Halle approves then,” Nicki said on Twitter with the shrug emoji. Clearly, the sign of support from Halle meant a lot to the “Ganja Burns” rapper!

Nicki DID deliver one epic performance. She did it real big from a secret location in NYC, which turned out to be the city’s Oculus, a futuristic mall tucked beneath the World Trade Center. Nicki chose to perform a medley of songs from her newest album, Queen, which included “Majesty,” Barbie Dreams,” “Ganja Burns,” and “FEFE.” Despite her album being dropped just 10 days before the show, fans already knew ALL the words to each song!

Nicki kept it classy and drama free throughout her time in the spotlight, but others in attendance couldn’t say the same. It appears that Cardi chose to take shots at her fellow female rapper while accepting her VMA for ‘Best New Artist.’ “All of the love that fans, my friends, everybody shows me is genuine and beautiful and that’s something that God gave me that you can’t buy, ” she said to the crowd, before adding, “b**ch!” Is she insinuating something here?! Plus, before that, Cardi called herself “the empress”when she opened the show. Technically, an empress ranks higher than a queen in a royal hierarchy. The shade of it all! Despite the competition between Nicki and Cardi, with a co-sign from superstar actress Halle, it looks like Nicki feels like the real winner here.

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