Nicki Minaj Slammed For Cultural Appropriation As ‘Chun Li’ Snapchat Filter Adds Chopsticks

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram on June 2 to show off a new Snapchat filter that features hair buns with chopsticks in honor of her song ‘Chun-Li’ and fans totally called her out for her representation of Asian culture.

Nicki Minaj, 35, took to Instagram on June 2 to reveal the new Snapchat filter that was made for her song “Chun-Li” and some fans weren’t too happy about it. The filter shows off a pair of hair buns with chopsticks placed inside of them and Nicki seemed positive about showing off in a black and white video clip of herself. “Click the link in my bio to use the #ChunLiSnapchatFILTER – it comes complete w/diff color buns, 🥢 & 👶 hair 😜. I used a black & white filter after I recorded,” she captioned the video. It didn’t take long for some followers to call her out on what they believe is disrespecting Asian culture.

“Nicki Minaj you have really messed up with this Chun Li stuff. You got black people disrespecting Chinese/Asian culture. Smh.,” one follower commented. “So we gonna act like this isn’t cultural appropriation? I would’ve thought because you are a person of color you’d understand why cultural appropriation sucks but I guess you’re just as ignorant as white people lol,” another said. “Isn’t she South Asia cuz I’m south Asian and the culture is COMPLETELY different from East Asian culture i would never use chopsticks and buns and claim it as my culture because its isn’t,” a different follower explained.

Click the link in my bio to use the #ChunLiSnapchatFILTER – it comes complete w/diff color buns, ? & ? hair ?. I used a black & white filter after I recorded.

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Nicki sported the same look of buns and chopsticks during her May 19 performance of “Chun-Li” on Saturday Night Live and also in the official wild music video for the song. It seems to be her representation of the tune and she’s not trying to hide it. “Chun-Li” gets its name from a Chinese character in the Street Fighter video game and although many fans are questioning Nicki’s look for the song, the rapper doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. “Chun-Li” is a part of Nicki’s upcoming album Queen which is set to be released on Aug. 10, 2018.

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