Nikki Bella Gets Flirty With Tattooed Mystery Man While ‘Total Divas’ Cameras Roll

The sighting comes on the heels of rumors that Nikki has reunited with John Cena.

Nikki Bella has been sighted flirting with a new guy just as a recently-released clip from Sunday’s episode of Total Bellas shows her reuniting with former fiancée John Cena. She and the mystery man known only as Brandon were seen as E! Network cameras filmed them for the next season of Total Divas. So are Nikki and John on again or still off?

Bella and the new guy hung out on the balcony of her Fontainebleau Miami Beach suite Thursday as Nikki showed off her surgically-enhanced body in a tight white crop top. As reported by Daily Mail, Brandon wore a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt and didn’t touch 34-year-old Nikki, although she was not shy about touching his face repeatedly while sipping champagne.

Adding to the confusion over who Bella is with right now is the latest Total Bellas clip that shows Cena and Nikki professing how much they miss each other. John even tells her how hard it’s been hard for him not to call or text her. This isn’t surprising given that the two were together for six years. The clip coupled with recent news that the two are together again has left fans wondering what’s going on with Bella and Brandon.

Nikki wasn’t the only woman seen on that balcony with Brandon. Lana did Fireball shots with the dimpled and tattoo-sleeved mystery man, and he posed with Nikki and Lana as well as Paige, Brie, and Nia for a group photo.

So what’s going on with the WWE diva and Brandon? It could be nothing at all, or it could be Nikki trying to find her way as she indicated she wanted to do when she canceled her May wedding to John Cena. Pop Culture quotes a source close to Bella as saying, “Nikki called off the wedding earlier this month so she could have more time to make a decision with what she wanted in life.”

Also joining in on the fun at the beach house was Sharna Burgess of DWTS. It seems that the ladies were gathered to work on dance routines for a dance-off that will take place Thursday at E11even, a nightclub located in downtown Miami. Sharna is training Team Natty, which includes Nikki, Brie, and Natalya. Another DWTS dance professional, Brin Nicole, is training Team Nia, which includes Lana, Nia, and Paige. Having competed on Season 25 of DWTS gave Nikki a bit of an advantage as it helped her pick up Sharna’s choreography quickly.

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